Time bears its full weight on me
Lets down the heavy end before the count of three

Life's lessons they misled you
After 20 years of lies could you see the truth

Harsh memories return as dreams
Leaving little more than tokens that you can't redeem

Someone tricked me not to ask for more
On a blanket in the tall grass on the canyon floor

Can you think of me
As I was younger, strong and free

And I'll think of you
When worries were so few


July July July July


Faith held us too long, too deep
That when you finally let go there came no relief

Fire flash down the mountainside
Devoured all the trees where my hopes use to hide

Shadows grow long
Across as season we both unfold

The Fall takes us now
Even as we vow


Felt the heat and the flurry of those
Drive-bys we could not resist
Burning bright on our ego fuel, fast
Faster now, baby, can you quicken the distance

Cannot reach what could not be stolen
No, we could not touch less than profound
Could you read my mind just to be mistaken
Can't believe those bastards finally came around


You still here, did we survive?
Must have missed the hints that our fates contrived

Were we friends, yeah, are we still?
Or did our fortunes take a marker up on Sundance Hill

Help me move on
And feel the warmth of a new day's sun

You can take my pride
With the moon in that night sky


July July July July

Words and Music by Monte Amende
© 2018 Monte Amende. All rights reserved.

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