Verse One

I grow impatient, why should I stay for you?
For condescension of claims without the proof?

I did not listen to all the shit you’d say
More time was wasted to earn our devil’s pay

I grew complacent, you were so obvious
How much they sicken you, your faithful populus

You are the monster, yet I’m the sinner here
For being thoughtful – and denying fear 


For this to work I gotta share my dirty secret
Wade into the murk and fulfill my selfish reason
Don’t know for sure if the truth is gonna hurt
But your lies can’t save us now. 

Verse Two

It makes you happy to see me filled with hate
Became just like you – a willing reprobate
Should I be thankful for showing me my pride
Beg for forgiveness for taking reason’s side



I could chalked it up to twists of fate and fear in motion
And blame it on somebody elses vain emotion

Where does this path lead anyway
Far from what I should hold


Words and Music by Monte Amende
© 2018 Monte Amende. All rights reserved.

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